Children's Birthday Parties

Children's birthday parties at Saddleback Cafe are one of our specialty. Children can enjoy a horse trek or pony ride.   Then recharge their energy  from our Brunch, Dinner or Kids menus party packages.

Please advised us if you need special dietary requirements and we will endeavour to provide for your little ones. 

Our normal standard group booking policy is a 50% deposit, 14 days  minimum before the event to secure the booking, No refund on the deposit with cancellation, reduced numbers of guest and no changes of the menu within 7 days. Booking is only confirm once the deposit is paid. Minimum of 10 kids for the party package.

Kids party for less than 10. Kids brunch menu is available for pre-order ( conditions as above).

For adults meals, snacks and Beverages.  Please see our nomal menus.

Times available - 10AM to 1130AM and 3PM to 4PM. If you are bringing your own Birthday Cake please inform us before the event.

For the littlies Party at Saddleback Cafe by the stream, playground under the tree, maybe before or after horse trekking.

Out catering is also available for pick up or we can deliver in Johnsonville area (subject to availability)!

3 food options - $13.00 per child

4 food options - $16.00 per child

5 food options - $19.00 per child

Cold / Sweet selections

Strawberry & Cream cheese sandwich

Mini fresh fruit & marshmallow kebabs

Berry mini Muffins

Fruit Jellies

Caramel Popcorn

Chocolate mini Muffins

Cucumber sailboats

Raw carrots & celery sticks with yoghurt dip

Carrot Cake

Eggs & lettuce sandwiches

Hot / Warm selections

Mini chicken kebab

Assorted Mini quiches & Pies

Chicken nuggets

Hot Chips with tomato sauce

Mini Battered hotdogs

Pineapple & ham pizza

Mini sausage rolls

Cheese rolls

Toasties - 2 fillings from, ham or cheese or tomato or onions or pineapple or spaghetti

Delivery is subject to availability and  Pick up is available.